Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 255

Join in do.  You aren't too late.
 At the top of this page is a selection of links that will tell you about WOYWW.  

You find me, gentle desker, in the middle of making ATCs.  For the WOYWW fifth anniversary link give-away thingy. There's a page about that up there at the top too.
No standing on chairs or danger involved..just average arm's length, promise! Usual suspects of course, and featuring the empty mug - this time it was a packet soup thing with bits of pasta.  See, I'm getting to my desk in short sharp bursts, so lunch was deliberately desk-friendly.  Even if it was 4 o,clock! 

You can't see in the pic above, but this small pic shows the next step in my ATC stamping.  I'm winging it, obviously. And mostly because my original plan was scuppered when I did the last thing I should have done to them, first.  Naturally.  
Ah well. And you can see the theme; it's to echo all the words I produce that you read. Blah blah blah!

Some will be for trading at the WOYWW Crop which is the weekend prior to WOYWW 5, which is number 260. If you're planning to come to the Crop and have't told us yet, would you mind letting either me or Lunch Lady Jan know.  No pressure, yet!
Meanwhile, share what's on your work surface will you?  Particularly if you're working in the wrong order and making a horlicks of everything..I shall feel extremely very especially and particularly at home!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

T Tuesday. B B(earth)day

As you know, I'm not much of a mixed media artist.  Hang on, I'm not a mixed media artist. I'm a paper crafter.  And, I'm pretty hot at domestic recycling. But when you combine the two, art and recycling - I'm a gonner.  The queen of recycling - ah, erm, I think we're calling it 'upcycling' for arty purposes these days - is Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover.  
And because today is Earth Day, there's a double celebration over at her place...T Tuesday and Earth Day.  Elizabeth has spent the last 22 days showing art that incorporates recycled stuff.  Man she's clever.  Appropriately, today culminates with a celebration Christmas Tree. Well, I thought it appropriate.
And my contribution - well it's for T Tuesday really, although if you consider that I've shown part of it as a sneak peek and it's a card from the now long ago Card Marathon, then it is sort of recycled, non?  Or, 'dredged up' again.  Ah well.  I still like it!
Text by Quietfire, Teacups by Stampington. WOW embossing powder. Naff photo by yours truly.

There's a new workshop schedule to be pondered over this week....I wonder how soon into starting on the samples will I ask myself 'why did you suggest this as a theme?'.  I suspect sooner rather than later.  I may have to whine about it later.  Brace yourselves.
Happy Earth Day.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Marathon Wrap. (no Snickers, please)

The Card Marathon is finished, unpacked and put to bed.  I've received a handful of reviews to pick over, and I'm doing just that.  Meanwhile, it's all unpacked and put away. Good feeling. Now to decide on if and when for a Christmas version.

Here's one of the most popular cards from my kits.  It's easy to tell this sort of statistic when you unpack the kits...because there aren't many left to unpack!  The text stamp is Quietfire Designs; you may remember that I couldn't keep my ownership of such a beauty secret, so it may look familiar! The other stamp is Stampin Up! I am particularly fond of this card, it came together terribly easily and proves again to me that I often start with text when I'm making a card, which is probably not the most obvious way to do it.  I also have a thing for houses, birds and birdhouses.  I have quite a few of each in stamp and die form. Indeed, I hadn't noticed that myself before now.  Oh, I seem to be revealing myself!

And this was one of the least popular.  It's interesting isn't it...Iove the (Hero Arts) stamps, but have a lot of trouble with the proportion of the 'label' image, and it seems I may not have it right just yet. It doesn't sit well on a standard C6 English size card blank...sort of floats about being not quite big enough to 'anchor' itself, and then on a square card such as this...there's overkill on the white space.  Which I overkilled with filling. I think. I'm not remotely offended by its being slightly passed over; that is the point of the Marathon:- choice, and trying to get cards of every style out there for people to try.  

This card was the second most completed (Kaiser Craft and Stampers Anonymous stamps) and was the one that managed to fool the most people.  Soft pinks, a few beads and gems and not a lot of text - not many people knew it was one of mine.  (See, ScrapLady Ally makes 12 and I make 12). Probably just a bit outside my comfort zone in terms of colour to be honest, but I do like it.  And I think it will translate well into other colours. I see greens on cream card stock, maybe a leaf in the centre instead of the circle....every one is a springboard for something else huh.  I find myself in the middle of making a card and think 'oh! I could do such-and-such with this' and off I go again; definitely one of the pleasures of arduous re-drawing to be done simply to alter a colour!

So there's the three that I thought had the most interesting results.  If not for any other reason, it's useful to blog about them so that I have something to remind me of my thoughts over various styles!  

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 254

And, in a spectacular return to form, the only surprised or disappointed person will be Andrew!  I have unpacked, de-kitted, cleaned and sorted post Card Marathon.  And I'm moving forward rather well actually.  This weeks 'Cards for Men' workshop is somewhere on my desk awaiting kits....I got rather carried away with re-working one of the cards. Usually by now they'd be in the hands of the Shopkeeper Gal because let's face it, people like to have advance sight of what they're paying money to make.  (Except, I suddenly realise, that we do not allow this for the Marathon. Excuses will follow.)  But of course, as they're 'Cards for Men', people are happy to have sight of photos on a phone because frankly, no matter how lacking in technique or new products, these cards are still HARD to come up with. Well I think they are.  And it's my Blog, so I must be right.

It's all glinting in a rather lovely late afternoon sun.  And no, I'm not weeding the patio or cleaning it off this year...there's a plan to take it all up see, and I do not expend unnecessary energy. Ever.  I forget why the box of sticky labels is out because I've put them away once.  The rest is detritus as I've said, from some re-modelling.  Ah and actually I lied.  The card stock on my ipad stand is left overs from the Card Marathon, so I haven't quite put it all away yet.  Ah yah, whatever.
So come on then, shock and awe me into doing something your working space whatever and wherever, post it on your blog, include WOYWW in the post title and link it here for us to know when it's safe to visit.  I thank you.

Monday, 14 April 2014

GIIGU and a review..what value!

Well now, this review is overdue.  Not because I was asked to do it, but because the process I went through was made so easy and my contacts so friendly that I decided that I would tell you about it.  And then what happened?  the world turned, the product became a very useful one and every time I thought to photo it, it was in use and not really photogenic!
It's a tea towel.

There's a back sweet and beloved Mother is fading away from us through a haze of Dementia.  Otherwise, she is well and happy and  this isn't a maudlin post. One of the things that I've noticed over the last year has been Mama's handwriting; it's not at all what it was.  I have shed loads - shed loads of her recipes, but because of her life's work as a really good and efficient Secretary and PA, she has typed nearly every one of them.  So, when I found a hand written one, I decided to do more than just scan and save it.  I searched about and found The Fabric Press.  An English company who will print your designs on short runs of fabric.  Well, colour me excited..they have a package that was for three tea towels.  Which is what I wanted.  I was going to have a 3 metre length printed, and make them myself, but no need!  Proper cotton, properly hemmed and BONUS...a hanging tag!  So, I got the Important G to do the toppest quality scanning for me, (the recipe and Ma's signature from a birthday card),  filled in the online form, emailed the scans and held my breath.  The Fabric Press were wonderful...wanted to know my preference for ink colour, got back to me really quickly, kept me up to date and turned the lot around in about 10 days flat.  The result made me cry!  I fiddled about and put some cotton crochet edging on the top and bottom, and my sisters and I now have one each.  Important, not really.  Sentimental - oh you bet. But also, as Ma would like - useful as well.  And I do use it, because that's the whole point of a GIIGU.  It's a Good Idea In Good Use.

And the recipe? It's from a BBC Radio 2 cookery programme, now about 40 years old.  And really....not great.  I make a better 'chuck it all in the pot' soup.  But that's not the point. As a tea towel - it's the best!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Looking Forward...

Now I'm almost ready, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Card Marathon.  It's a bit of a reunion for me, some of the folks who come are old friends from way back when I had my shop. It's a shame that they have to concentrate and make cards, because I'm free to chat!
  • Here's a card for the Marathon - a quick make...hopefully, very useful!
If you live in the South West and are feeling deprived of Marathon style workshops, get in touch with Jan at Japonica, 01395 271739 she has a half Marathon with Cream Tea in the pipeline....what a fab idea! 
Tomorrow's Marathon is entirely portable you know..hmmmmm, there's an idea I hadn't really explored.   
Onwards then.  Have a lovely weekend y'all.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 253

My word.  The FIFTH anniversary of this ridiculous idea swings around at week number 260.  If you want to join in with the ATC swap, the details are HERE.  Seven weeks notice feel s like a long time doesn't it.  Yeah.  Mary Anne made hers at our Crop last weekend. Puts me in a mild panic I don't mind admitting.  Meanwhile, back in Juliaville, my desk is staying ordered...I am cutting counting and kitting for the Card Marathon that takes place this coming Saturday.  I know, you'll be delighted about this, because I'll shut up about it. Until the next one.

Yes, even I have to admit to a bit of shame..two empty mugs.  Well ya see, in the course of the day and for a change, someone simply made and brought me a drink.  Lovely..but I was too busy to think about giving up the other mug and getting it out of the way.  And if I'd made my own, of course, I'd have re-used the mug.  Logical slobishness, non?
My little individual photo printer is about the only clue as to my work really - I stick a photo of each card on the front of the supplies packet so that people know what to look are the ones I've done - spent all day Tuesday doing them. 

Only another day's worth to go I think.  But you see..on the day, I get to walk around and make tea and not do too much because the Marathonistas have to do all the card making. It's a good trade off!
So my desk has gone from riot to quiet - invite us round to your place for a look and some rummaging will you?  Put WOYWW in your post title and link here..we'd love that.