Friday, 4 September 2015

Well I'm smiling..

This is a very indulgent post. I have of course, got a kerjillion things to smile about, all the time. Particularly today though, you might wanna a join me in the ooh and the aaah over this lot....

I really scored with these. I got them in the Sizzix Mega Sale which as far as I can tell is a permanent thing to get rid of the 'older' stuff. Suits me. This collection of dies and stamps came to a combined total of less than £20 and is certainly worth twice that for sure. The real 'score' though is that I actually wanted them - they've all been at some point on my wish list. Cool.
But, there's always something that will wipe the smug smile off my face. And this time it's this:

'Bliss' is a word I use quite a lot. especially to comment on holiday photos, fabulous views, happiness, etc. So I jumped at the chance of owning the die for £2.48. I noted that it was a Bigz die, which means it's one of the thick ones. What I didn't take in is the 'XL' bit. And of course..there ain't no card I ever make that needs a 12" wide word on it. Or scrapbook page, come to think of it. Definitely the mistake purchase of the year.It goes a long way to quashing the hubris, huh!
Joining Annie at her weekly Smile, in spirit if not reality - will be travelling today so no chance of linking or visiting!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 326

If you have a mind to join us, there are links at the top of this page which will tell you the why and the how. If you don't understand my frantic gabble, do say so. You won't be the first.
You can see that I've managed to keep the left side of my actual working area free of clutter. I do not know how, I can only assume that because I'm right handed, it's all buried under the tablet! The sharpies are there because I was 'touching up' some scuffed heels on a pair of shoes that Miss Dunnit wants me to sell. The tablet of course was keeping me company whilst I erm, create. The Indigo Blu tree stamp that you can see on my clipboard is there because when I go to see Shopkeeper Gal, the plan is to leave it there for someone who wants to buy if from me. I have been over to the shop three times in the last week and each time have forgotten the stamp - indeed, the whole clipboard, which is inconvenient to say the least. There are bits of card and patterned paper glued onto my shopping list so that I can match colours or procure further sheets. I can't remember without the clipboard and it seems now that remembering the clipboard is a feat too much! I love that star bunting die. I bought it last year for Christmas and didn't use it. But this year, I think it may well feature two or three times in workshops - it's there to remind me to check that it's still available. 
So, you're inside my head, you've seen my's about time you showed us yours then...please put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Easy. Harmless. Free. Friendly. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Evidence in the case against...

For the last couple of weeks, I've been getting that build up. You know the one where you know that something isn't working for you but to change it is going to cause uproar and take time and ohemgee you don't wanna.
Seriously, this is not a was one of Thursday's workshop cards. 
It erupted on Friday when I tried to very quickly put away some stamps we'd used in the workshop on Thursday evening. They were Christmas stamps. They were clear stamps. They have their own drawer. And clearly, one drawer is no longer enough. That's bad enough...but it started the normal 'gets worse before it gets better' thing and I ended up taking the whole lot with me when I went to see my parents, hoping that Mama may find some pleasure in helping. She didn't help much but she did enjoy going through them with me, so it was worth it really! 

How can this pile of storage boxes and drawers be an improvement on the way I store my wood mounts? I mean, seriously, how?  I've got the clears in loose categories in boxes and drawers. I have to go through the box or drawer to find the one I have in mind or to browse my choices. My wood mounts just stand quietly facing me..again, loosely categorised. Yes I have to stand up to shuffle them about so I can see the ones behind (they are about 4 deep), but it's no more onerous than heaving the boxes or drawers about. 
The trouble is that wood mounted stamps are rare now...certainly in the workshops - one has to use current designs for workshops of course, so my wood mounts get very little use these days. I'm probably going to have to cave in. Pack some of the wood mounts away for posterity and use the shelves to hold these hideous boxes of clear stamps. Not as pretty, or inspiring, but practical. And reasonably short term I think. When the building work starts, I think my space will be reallocated to other uses and my craft space will permanently re-locate. So possibly a bit of packing now might save a lot of packing then. But it doesn't stop me whining now.  I think I might ask my neighbours to move so that I can have a craft house. It would just be easier. I envision an entire wall coated with acrylic sheets to which I can stick these damn stamps. Now there gentle reader, is a really good idea. Maybe the inside of a cupboard door or two to start with. Ohmygosh, I need to go whine in Mr Dunnit's ear before I forget!

Friday, 28 August 2015


Yesterday, Jan and I attended the funeral for our friend Janet 'Fairythoughts'. We did a lot of smiling through our tears; there is much to celebrate about Janet's life.
I think, normally, that I wouldn't write here about a funeral. They are very personal experiences. But I have to tell you this because you were a key part. 

The chap who conducted the service mentioned that Janet was a blogger and that our community had been a comfort to her family; indeed, he had a handful of pages that were printed from the messages of condolence that you left at this blog after I posted a few words. He read a couple - from Annie and Shaz - stories that her family would otherwise not have known, and stories that went a long way to reinforce Janet's memory as a kind and fun woman with a passion for her crafts and life in general.
We did what we always do when visiting Janet, had coffee and cake.
I know that WOYWW is pretty much considered a community and I know that WOYWW has resulted in individual friendships being made behind the scenes (just as mine with Janet). Lots of our families consider our 'blogging thing' an extension of our hobbies that we simply choose to use free time on. Yesterday, hearing that Janet's husband and gorgeous daughters felt that our presence in her life was important enough to mention made me shiver. Turns out it really is a PART of our lives. Your immediate responses of love and sorrow will stay with Janet's husband and three gorgeous daughters for as long as they need to draw on them.  
And that, gentle reader, is probably the only and the best reason to blog. We're all in this together and we all want to be friends first.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 325

Under this little lot is a can actually see my working space! I'm quite shocked and smug! And I moved and put away the scrapbook preparation stuff I was doing before getting all the some of the Christmas stuff out.
Pretty gloomy still, huh.So you can just make out my box of gems at left, in front of my pen caddy...which I move out of the window when not using. It requires no effort - I shove it backwards until it hits something immoveable. Usually the box of scraps. I've separated Christmas clear stamps into acrylic boxes because their aren't so many of them, but it's not ideal. I'm really going to have to grow up and sort this storage thing out properly. You can also see several sizes of pre-fold cards on the iPad holder. Always handy to have at hand when making cards because I start with the image and work up...and apparently have no sense of whether it will fit on a card until it's too late. You see also my new tablet, it's a Hudl from Tesco. I have no complaints at all...except battery life is a bit short. The carefully cut out and painted Noel you can see there is destined for the's really not doing it for me. This then, is the time to stop instead of soldiering on and trying to make it work and wasting hours and more card stock. I'm definitely learning! Won't get back to this lot for a couple of days at least, so fill up my quiet times with pics of your desks will you, it's lovely to see what you're all doing. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. If you need further 'instructions', there are a couple of pages at the top of this page. I thank you!

Monday, 24 August 2015

The 'More' Zone

I've been in a state of uneasy panic. There's a new workshop schedule at Kraft Crazy, starting next month - which is actually next week. I am involved, all the workshops are focussed on Christmas cards, and I really, really need to be prepared. The next few months are ridiculously busy. You all know that.
This is a decoy....I made this ages ago.
And I was slightly in the mood. It has been raining cats and dogs and kennels and cushions in this neck of the woods, so Mr Dunnit's day off was largely spent at home. Whilst he was doing stuff, I did stuff too, but as soon as he sat down to watch some sport on the TV, my conscience unlocked me and I sat at my desk.  Almost a whole afternoon of plotting and making samples. It was nice. You know that zone you get into - the one where you're half way through a make and you suddenly have another great idea for the stamp? I was there. I thought I'd lost it,  I really did.
This is another decoy. An ATC from Crafty Moo to celebrate 2 years of T Tuesday.
Although I have proven that I haven't lost it...I can't actually prove it to you yet. How funny is that. I write all this, you read all this and then I have nothing to show you for your effort. Please visit again though, I may still be in the 'More' zone. One can only hope.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 324

Here is a brief explanation of WOYWW.
And here is how to do WOYWW.
Please join in. It makes me look good. And my desk doesn't.

What's happening here is the five or 'ten minute slot' job. You know the time when you're hanging between finishing something and going out, or have come back from being out and have to go somewhere else but it's too soon, so being at home for twenty minutes is preferable, but it's not long enough to do much? (I'll feel a lot better about all this if you say you know exactly what I mean.)
So I'm trying to be constructive. I have a lot of scrapbook appointments coming in the autumn (which starts next month, people of the northern hemisphere). So to maximise my output, I'm trying to match photos and papers and have them all together. It doesn't minimise the packing required, but it certainly helps if I don't have to take every sheet of paper I possess and spend quality time doing this very job. As you can see, it leads to a mess. Although some of the mess is inevitably stamps waiting to be put away and such. It's just in me, I can't help it. I'm on the rota to be an Apprentice today, so this will be stay as it is. Surprising that, huh!
Show and tell time for you now...put WOYWW on your post title and link it here will you -it makes the rest of my week more interesting. Thank you!