Friday, 29 August 2014

It just came over me......

I was tidying up the horrors of the old workdesk and unpacking from a workshop when I decided that I needed to get a grip and do some sorting as well.  I'm not sure what made me at all; I guess we all have these moments - and this time, I was weak and gave in! I tackled the stuff that was on top really.
I tidied up a large sheet of gems that came to me from Baker Ross...I love it, huge amounts of each colour and now it's tidy, it actually folds and fits into my gem storage.  Which is good, because knocking about on my desk makes it ragged.  And taking off your bra at night to find a lime green gem stuck to your boob - well, it has to stop.
And then gentle reader, I tackled some ribbon.  I had a huge pack of lovely bright satins from Baker Ross and had of course, left them in a heap on top of my ribbon vase.  So, last night, whilst I could have been lolling and gently snoring (not to mention the dribbling), I got all motivated and ironed the ribbons and wound them onto the dolly pegs.  Took the photo this morning when my life partner asked that really, ironing ribbon - wasn't that the limit?
I knew you would understand gentle reader.  Indeed, I know some of you will recommend hair straighteners to whip through 'em.  No need.  The moment has passed and I will be moving on from this.  For quite a while, probably! This 'thing' that came over me - it's gone now.  
Now, if our Annie was on-line after her house move, I'd link this to her Friday Smile feature. Because I'm a bit smug about these little jobs. But, she's still in the void and frankly, it's not as if I deserve a medal, huh.
Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 273

WOYWW? What?  Check out this page and this page and they will, I hope, reveal almost as much as this picture:-
Coo - shaky arm photography, sorry!  I'm not you note, apologetic about the mess, although I do acknowledge that it did get very messy.  This is what happens when I sit down to make Christmas cards without the least idea of what I want to make and what supplies to use.  It's OK, I've cleared it up this morning. So I can start again.  My scissors pot was empty, which means I've buried about 5 pairs.  And I was wearing a pair of glasses when I took this photo and oh look - there's two pairs on the desk already. Wow!
I hope you like my new pen with the bobbles on top...I do.  It wobbles and clicks as I write,  and I feel, rather reflects the way my mind is working! Trusty iPad abandoned on top of notepad because the iPad stand had a card on it - which had wet glitter on it and - you get it...
So, now you've stared in horror, show us yours.  Perleeeeeeeeease.
Put WOYWW in your post title, make the post relevant to the photo of your workdesk/space and let us in to visit.  Marvellous!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Something for the weekend?

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in Blighty and that usually means rain. Not to automatically fall into a British stereotype and moan about the weather, but oh well, I have. This summer has been fantastic.  And I think that's why we're all noticing the changes now..they seem so sudden. Mornings are distinctly chilly, the sun seems very slow to rise and in the evening, it's dipping faster and has a definite tinge of autumn to it. It's too fast!
So as a last hurrah, yesterday's workshop was 'Summer Grunge' and there we were in the shop, using bright colours and grunging stuff up in a summery way...wearing sweatshirts and long sleeves and surrounded by newly arrived Christmas stock.  Bizarre.

 The flip flops and text from a set by Woodware, the damask style stamp is by Kaiser.
Shopkeeper Gal didn't turn so much as a hair when I handed her the flip flop card as a sample. After all, they're erm, flip flops.  But the next one, with a chair on it...well. See, her logic says that an unpholstery person or furniture maker would want a card with a chair on it, but no-one else. I say she's too literal. And her logic is flawed in my opinion. Does that mean that the flip flop card can only go to a cobbler?  Blimey, my card collection and worse, my stamp collection would suddenly have very limited use!  
Text stamp by Kaiser, emboss folder is a Cuttlebug one and the chair die is Marianne.
She doesn't get it at all, and I almost get her not getting it, in the literal sense of what goes on a card.  Her nearest use of furniture on a card was a chandelier and I think it gave her the wobbles to actually give it away in case the recipient 'didn't get it'. Well I get it. It's a nice card, with a nice image, handmade especially for you.  What's not to like.  And to be honest, if my card to you features furniture or teacups, be happy.  It means I was humming along in my comfort zone and having a great time making your card.  
And so back to the weather..which just may give me an excuse to play....
Whatever your plans, I hope it works out to be a fab weekend for you!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 272

Join us.  Read the how to and the whaaat? at the top of the page.
And then brace yourself. My desk is untidy without any sign of relief.  You may hate it.  I live with it, and so far, it's OK.  By this afternoon, it will be neat and tidy because I have non-craft stuff to do that needs a decent space (just some book-keeping, do not get excited on my behalf!).
See, there's a lot of everything.  Real work intruding under the roll of printed tape - dislodging my Crop Alien, but not for long.  The red and white scallop edge card is a beautiful wedding invitation.  It was in the WOYWW stand - I have no idea why it isn't now.  Amazing that only two pairs of scissors are visible because I'm fairly sure that there are four on the desk somewhere.  The clipboard hold cards to be delivered to Shokeeper Gal as workshop samples, and some bits and pieces of stock, ribbon etc to serve as a shopping list when I'm at the shop. You can see the glasseine peelings off the double sided tape, which means my ATG is still empty.  I'm coping!  I don't know that there is anything else of interest.  I'm one card down on the sample front and so must away to get it done. 
Put WOYWW in your blog title, link your post here and we'll visit for a look at your space. Thanks!

Monday, 18 August 2014

A review. Solicited, but happily offered...

Allow me to give you teeny bit of history. Back last summer, on possibly the only dry day, if not the warmest, me and that Di and that LLJ met Desker Brenda of Butlers Abroad. Brenda lives in America with Andrew, her devoted husband.  No really, stay with me, it's relevant.
L-R me, Jan, Brenda, Di   (Summer 2013)
This picture of us Desker gals was taken by Brenda's husband.  He and I had a long chat about the ribbon holders that he had made for Brenda and then because of demand, had made for general sale.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Giraffe Storage Systems.
Ribbon and Washi tape holders.  Designed with the user and the tidy in mind.  So you drop the spool or roll of tape into the cradle, it will hold the end until you're ready to pull a length of whatever you desire to use and because of the clever 'arm' gizmo (at the left end in my photo), your unwinding action doesn't cause the roll to tip or stall and cause unsteady ribbon carnage.  Genius.

Now despite my enthusiasm for a friend's ideas and products, I also have a sales head (from many years of selling, actually), and I was pretty quick to point out to Andrew that although I buy quite a lot at a time - 3 metres plus, I rarely buy ribbon on's not a common option in the UK - although the smaller spools are more available.  Well, he answered that, no problem.  The rack shown here was designed for smaller spools like Washi and the 2 or 3 metre spooled lengths you can buy here in dear old Blighty.  And then if you have untamed longer lengths.....he supplies empty spools too.  Smart arm, huh!!

And wait, there's more.  You can have a wall mountable rack, or a desk top rack...indeed a proper system to corral your ribbons and tapes that not only makes them accessible and ultra-useable....they'll look fab too! Win, win, win.

And if you aren't a big ribbon could have the stacker...and then when you've filled it - which you surely will, because suddenly you're using more ribbon and loving the 'display' in your workspace, you can buy another and they'll stack obediently.  Perfect.

And wait - there's more.  It's no coincidence that I've timed this review with a summer SALE at Giraffe Storage Systems, till August 25th, there's a 20% discount if you use the magic code BASSGSS.  (Shh, I lifted it off Brenda's blog!)
And yes - wait, there's still more.  Giraffe Storage Systems sent me a 12" Tape Dispenser rack to give away.  Yep, I'm to share it.  And I will, of course, because if I don't, it's a bit obvious huh.  But you have to admit, it does look pretty good on my workdesk! So here's the difficult bit.  If you'd like to own the 12" tape rack, please leave me a comment and mention Mr Giraffe Storage System's by his given name.  I'll post it to anywhere, so don't hold back.  
You can find Giraffe Storage on Etsy, and you can follow them on Facebook too - a great way to see promotions and competitions and exciting Giraffe things.
Now, go assess your ribbon usage, I feel some organising coming on!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Self promotion dressed as opportunity... only I can do.  Stand by. I'm sorry, I can't help it, I'm a middle child. Or something; insert your own reasons....because I'm not going to be unkind about myself!
Remember this?
I was so utterly in love with some of the calligraphy svg cuts that our Desker Robyn was using in her crafting that I felt the need to investigate.  I found that Oyster Stamps are the UK distributor for Quietfire Designs on rubber, and so I had a teeny spend.  The calligraphy is sublime, non? 
Well I must have gone on for too long - because to shut me up, Robyn and Suzanne of Quietfire have asked me to do a guest DT spot in October on the Quietfire blog. I know!  

The reason I'm telling you this now is:
 - because I'm a whole lotta smug about it
 - because I'm a whole lotta smug about it
 - because I'm scared witless about it
 - but I'm still smug about it.

If you should feel the need, visit the Quietfire blog, by all means. Indeed, I urge you to.  And then I urge you to visit again and again, until your brain is immune to the standard and beauty of the samples you see.  Then you'll be ready for October.  

Meanwhile, y'all have a lovely weekend.  More insufferable behaviour guaranteed next week!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WOYWW ..What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 271

If you're an onlooker, read the two WOYWW related pages shown at the top of this blog and become a participator - go on, it's harmless - and fun!
I took this photo yesterday at about 4pm.  I thought that I had finished my desk-time for the day, see.  Then Mr D rang to say he'd be later home than usual, so I carried on.  Until 6.45pm! Amazing.  Mind you, it meant that we didn't eat 'till almost nine!  
The mug was freshly empty - low cal hot chocolate, despite the sunshine; it was as near to chocolate as I dared get. You can see that the tree card is the second incarnation on the desk...and that's what the buttons I ordered last week are for. 200 of these little hearts take up no room.  But they do take up lots of patience when you want to thread twine through them. Chump of an idea.
Before anyone gets excited, the syringe is full of silicone glue. Not deliberately out of shot but only just visible...brand new wood mounted stamps.  The love of my craft life. I'll show 'em in more detail soon, I don't doubt.
And then, because my little Alien Crop Souvenir from Mary Anne sparked interest, here he is in full glorious sunshine.  It's the sneakers that do it for me! Such great detail.
So now, decide to show off your workspace too...paper, fabric, food, whatever, we like to envisage you at your desk, doing.  Share and tell, please.  And this week, hopefully blogger will co-operate slightly more and more visits can be made!