Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 278

WOYWW - huh? and WOYWW how? can be found on separate pages. If you have any questions or comments, leave them here and I will answer them.
All this by way of putting off my show and tell contribution this week - in my mind, it's not terribly interesting, but at least shows an organised and vaguely prepared side of me...

Hmm..actually it probably doesn't! My desk is a almost in zones today.  The piles at far left are the card kits for Thursday. A Christmas workshop.  The iPad's deckchair is empty.  The iPad is in the kitchen, where I left it last night.The pile next to the deckchair consists of bagged stamps, mostly by Quietfire - my guest DT posts are due out next week see.  And the Prima doll is there too.  That pile now represents the 'play with these some more' part of my crafting wish list.  On top of the clear box which is actually drawers, of course there's my ATG gun (currently out of favour for misbehaving and eating a third of a reel), and a 7Gypsies 'flash' card.  I put it there because it was my intention to add it to a scrapbook page that I made relatively recently.  It's still there because I didn't do it straight away and now can't remember why I felt it was so relevant! The yellow basket is one of four being filled with supplies that need to be shared between the workshopeers on Thursday. The notebook tells me what I need to gather for each card.  Not fascinating, but Oh so necessary! With any luck, by lunchtime today, this desk will be a seething mass of papers, ideas and fabulous new cards. I did say 'with any luck'!
Join us do please, post a pic of your workspace and tell us what you're doing thereon, it's interesting, free, fun and friendly. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Creativity, and how it works for Me

So this post is part of the The Creative Blog Hop, that started so many links and posts back in time that the originator is unknown. Imagine that. My invite came from Sheri, known to Deskers for sure.  I strongly recommend that you visit her blog and take browsing time; my word, you'll get far more creative sense from her than you will here.

I'm actually going to do this in a Q&A format because otherwise I will run off at the keyboard and you will be asleep before bed time...
What are you working on at the moment?
In true Autumnal style, I'm actually working on Christmas cards for workshops. Here's one for this week.  I will soon be very fed up with Christmas greetings and in all likelihood, will not bother to make any cards to send as some sort of ridiculous counter-reaction.
Cuttlebug embosing folders, Woodware stamp.
How does your work differ from others in your genre?
Truly it does not.  I'm in the cutting and sticking section of the 'genre', a true follower, often very late to even pick up on a trend.  I cannot even pretend that anything I make is out of the ordinary.  The nearest claim I can make really is that I STILL prefer wood mounted rubber stamps, and that is very likely to set me apart.  A bit.
Why do you create?
Oh because making your own cards and scrapbooking is so much cheaper than buying commercial cards and creating online albums.  Said no card maker ever.  I erm, 'create' because I can. makes me happy. 
How does your creative process work?
Well,  first of all I get all the necessary chores done, then I whine about not having any time to myself and then I sit at my desk and wish I knew what to make, then I get an idea and I spend three hours trying to force it out of my head and onto card stock.  Then, when that fails to bring about art, I make a five minute card in an effort to justify my time wasting selfishness. It's a process, it's just a bit ugly and has nothing about it that could redeem me in the face of real artists.  The secret?  Use great's proof:
Quietfire images, notepage die by Joy.  

So there we are - another day not wasted in finding out the truth....when I say I'm as shallow as a puddle, you've got to believe me! It's been fun, people.  Look out for real crafters and artists doing real Creative Blog Hop posts near you!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Seasonal Affectation.....

I live in a country that continues to have specific Seasons.  Thankfully, they do blur rather than bump as the change occurs, and largely the changes are quite beautiful.  The most special for me, is from Spring to Summer.  May is just bursting with all the potential and the new growth and the promise of colour and scent and lazy days to come.  But, perversely, I can even argue that opinion on behalf of myself!  The change from summer to Autumn is after all, a spectacle.  And one that I don't think many people tire of.  Autumn this year is a cut above.  Yep, all the usual changes, but acompanied by higher than average temperatures; an Indian Summer, I think.  Here we are in the last throes of September and I'm still sitting about in a t shirt and enjoying mid morning coffee in the garden.  I know, it's a really desperately hard life.  I should add, that whilst all week has been lovely, mid morning coffee in the garden is only happening today.  But it feels fab.

And when I'm sitting on my unweeded patio and sipping coffee and pretending I'm unencumbered by chores and deadlines, this is what I workroom window. Protected from rain by this Russian Ivy. We are ruthless with it, hack it back, cut off new sprouts, curse it when it drops its seeds.  They are small round seeds and at this size of growth, they fall through the leaves and sound like rain.  Very like rain.  And they create a 'dune' on the patio, like ultra thick sand. It's amazing really.  And we continue to give it house room because of the show it puts on in September, for about a week.  

It's insane isn't it.  In the space of a fortnight, it's signalled the arrival of Autumn, but not for long.  Next week, it'll turn crispy and drop every single leaf....if I have my workroom door open, they often gently float onto my desk. It's lovely, and sometimes wakes me up from my procrastinatory dreaming. So it has a partial use.
I am not ready for longer nights, dark mornings, low temperatures.  I remain convinced that Mr Dunnit and Me were accidentally transported from Southern Oceans....maybe at the time when we were a tangible twinkle in respective parents eyes. Who knows.  But, while there's beauty and late sun, we're enjoying it.  Long may it continue.
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WOYW?W 277

Check this page if you want or need something close to a rational explanation of this title, or post.  There's another link from there to tell you how to link, if you decide to join in.

Meanwhile, Deskers of the world...I'm completely over the tidy desk thing.  In fact, I think I have achieved total coverage!

I've had to crop this rather severely at left, because there's stuff there that I don't want you to see yet, and I didn't notice it until I'd uploaded the photo.  You will see it. So you can clearly see that I'm still enjoying the company of a small bottle of gin and the WOYWW5 desk alien.  All the Distress Stains and soaked tissues at right have been brushed aside in favour of another idea that popped into my head.  And that's where you find me my desk, trying to corral ideas and compose myself.  Ha!
I've shown you mine - please show me yours.....put WOYWW in your blog post title and link here so we can see what you're up to and where you're up to it.
WOYWW Housekeeping:  This is not an advertising forum; generally us Deskers aren't averse to seeing new stuff, but the post being al about what you have to sell with links to YOUR products, TV shows, Etsy and etc on this particular MEME is not cricket.  But you already know that..and you can judge it too - your comment rate will not match the hit soon as the advertising starts, Deskers click away.  

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tuesday is for T.

I am behaving like Martha Stewart.  In the kitchen. Actually, in the home.  Not in clink, *cough*, you understand.  I'm baking and tidying and cleaning.  In the process of baking, I emptied and cleaned two kitchen cupboards and disposed of some shamefully old packet ingredients.  I'm fairly sure that if I didn't use it in 2007, I'm not going to want a mix of herbs to make vegetables taste of Spain, and nor will we want flaked almonds that came off a tree when God was a lad. 
I should have warned you - the cupcakes are naked. Don't be embarrassed.  There's icing to be done; embellishing with more sweetness and colour.  I'm not a great baker, but my daughter is. Yesterday she made chocolate, fruit and sponge cakes, so today its my turn and I've done flapjack and cupcakes. Miss Dunnit says that cupcakes are too fussy for her repertoire, and I fear by the time they are iced and embellished, they may be too fussy for mine too!  You can see that I've got more coffee on the trusty cafetiere for one and a barely rinsed mug. 
So why all the industry? Well, for once, Tuesday is for T at my place - between four and 7pm I'm having an open house drop in thing - you get to make a donation for a cuppa and a piece of cake and the funds raised go to join the great Macmillan Coffee Morning. Macmillan is a charity that funds specialised Cancer Nurses to work with patients at home. Priceless.  But it has to be afternoon here because I don't have a morning. Complicated isn't it!  
But that's why I've turned into Martha...I need to get a wriggle on...there's still a lot to do. And by the way, if you want to come, the kettle's always on!  Of course, I'm linking with Elizabeth and Bleubeard this morning...Tuesday wouldn't start with a T if I didn't!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I think its about Bad Memory...

Remember some time ago I said (bragged) that I put finished LOs away immediately and the filling album gave me a sense of satisfaction?  Well, when I was clearing and cleaning yesterday, I discovered - much to my surprise - that I've fallen off that wagon.  There were 9 LOs sitting politely in a pile on top of the album. Maybe I'd run out of page protectors?  No.  I  must have been interrupted and massively distracted. Yeah, that's it. Called away at the crucial moment, to something that clearly was so important that it wiped my memory. I need to be reminded to tidy up...that particular thought smacks me in face at the threshold of every room chez Dunnit.

 I average about 3 or 4 layouts at a Crop and I only ever scrapbook on a Crop day, then you can see that potentially, I haven't filed for three months.  I'm shocked!  But the advantage was that I had a ten minute 'filing fest' that gave me the chance to look over the last quarter's output and it was nice.  The first thing I have to congratulate myself over (and you just have to take my word for this) is that even the most recent LOs don't include any new stash.  The papers in particular, came from the depths of the pile. That's a good thing.  It doesn't mean I'm not buying new paper, but at least I'm rotating the stock!  

Photographing them makes me think my colour choices are a bit off - the pen colour on the first LO seems a better match in real life, as did the title on this second one...ah well. One thing I can say, hand-on-heart and with absolute they're filed, they will not be changed!

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Remember this post about Andrew and the Giraffe Storage Systems ribbon holders and spools?
Remember that I said the the Giraffe guy had given me one to give away?

Well, today's that day!  
And I'm delighted to announce that through the old fashioned 'names-in-a-hat' selection process, the storage will go to......
Akilli Melek
I know this is our winner's blog name, so won't use her 'real' name just in case there's a reason for an alias!  Anyway, delighted to post this to you gal - can you email me with your postal address?  Great.
Thanks for playing everyone.  There were no tantrums over choosing the winner this time; I asked Oliver do it.  Miss and Mr Dunnit think it's too much of responsibility and Olie didn't know better.  Ha!