Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 349

This is unstaged, but those casually placed cards look very posed huh. I was showing LLJ the fruits of her giving me an old atlas. I love it and am starting to 'think Empire' when I need a background now!
You see the detritus of a short session, is all. Am trying to use the box of coloured scraps as often as possible. It's crop this weekend, so  there will actually be more scraps this time next week! Argh. You can see the big scissors. Someone must have borrowed them. I don't use them more than once in a flood for paper crafting. You can just see the upside down heart punch, the heart featured in yesterdays post. And that's it. Not overly interesting, huh!
Inspire me do, link your WOYWW Blog post here so that I (and others) can visit you. You must be doing something more interesting!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Well whaddya know...

The great Darnell has put me right, and I really thank her for that. (She only pretends at madness, methinks.)The thing is, Google are still messing with my head, if not yours! In order to comment on Blogger blogs, you will need a free Google account. Not the Google+ account that i was yammering on abot. This is better, because a Google account is a lot less invasive and dictatorish than a Google+ account. Having this Google account means that you can 'resume' being a follower, by using the appropriate badge. 
A decoy, but hey... thanks to Kbwalker on Pinterest, this ended up nothing like hers, but something like it!
Its boring being wrong. Its also boring that Google feel the need to make everyone a 'client'. I will continue with the wordpress blog ( - because I've started it. On Wednesdays, the linky  thing will appear only on this blog...or I'll be all over the place. If it becomes difficult to even do that on Blogger, I'll let you know! Carry on, then.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 348

Stay with me on this..if you are already a Blogger blog writer, then changes won't, I don't think, stop you commenting. It is only commenting and following that you will be prevented from doing if you arent a Google+ account holder. You will stll be able to read this blog and the link thing oon Wednesdays will still work for you. My venture into Wordpress is merely another platform on which identical blog posts will show up. I'm not actually leaving Blogger. Unless they make it impossible to stay!

So this week, I've been crafting a bit and making a huge mess. 
Seriously, everything is everywhere. I enjoyed it. Every time I go outside, I right the chairs and put them out of the wind. Then it changes direction and does this again! Ack! I took this on Tuesday, just after lunch. It's worse this morning; because I had book keeping to do and couldn't face tidying up. So I pushed back and worked atop the mess. Shocking, huh.
 It will look like that for most of today; there's VAT and year end to be sorted. Gosh, how glamorous! Join in will you? Put WOYWW in your post title so we can find it easily. A photo of your desk and what you're doing on your  blog and link here. No blatant advertising please, this isn't meant to be a promotional spot, just join the community!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Call me cynical...

These are some of TH's Crazy Birds. Helen stamped them for me over a year ago and I've just got around to using them. I didn't think I'd ever want the stamps, but it seems that I do. And the dies. Because these are fiddly to cut out. And then, I'd quote like some of the accessory stamps too. Like the various hats, and some of the words. On that basis I could do with the dies for those too.And suddenly, thats over £100 if you can get them. There seems to be a shortage of the bird stamps, and it all starts with those. Hush my mouth for suggesting it may be deliberate. Keeps the prices up, keeps the interest up. I'm off the idea now. 
And whilst I'm being cynical, so to Google. They have reminded me that as owners of Blogger and Google Friends Connect and Google+ (and who knows what else) that they can control who comments on my blog. And they are going to change it up so that you can only comment if you have a Google+ account. They say this will improve everything for everyone and will even increase my comment numbers. Of course it won't. Having a Google+ account means that like it or not, you are given a gmail account and are fully absorbed into the Google culture. It may not be for you, and hey, it'll just save you comment time on this and countless other blogs. Well, these badly disguised ways at making people do things that they don't want to makes me really mad. So.....I've opened an account with Wordpress, and for now, will run the two blogs. They will have exactly the same articles on them, I just want to see if the going is any easier over there. I know that you have to register to comment, but that's all. Wordpress don't then dictate that you join an imaginery friends circle, they don't force you to use their email account, etc. We'll see. You be the judge. Let me know! I couldn't get Stamping Ground as a blog name over at Wordpress, others have come before me. So its actually even easier to find: . 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Me and the BG

I have been commiserating with like minded Facebook friends over Basic Grey's decision to pull put of the scrapbook supplies market. I did and do agree that they have a school of designers who'll be a great loss to paper designs. I even posted that BG Junkies like me would be saddened by their news.

I've continued to think about their decision ever since. And based only on my own experience with Basic Grey, I think they are doing the right thing. I probably have 100s of pages in my scrapbook collection that are based on, or feature, Basic Grey papers. I used to buy the collections almost unseen. I was definitely on that Merry-Go-Round of new product grabbing. But I grew out of it at some point, and am much more the sophisticated consumer these days. And when I looked through albums to find a few BG pages, the timeline says it all. My albums are overfilled. Basic Grey doesn't appear as anything more than offcuts and borders until I get to three behind the one I'm currently filling. 2012 was the last time I bought a Collection. Since then, I've probably bought less than a dozen pieces of BG 12 x 12. I have one  Basic Grey 6x6 book of papers, I couldn't resist. I have very little use for it!

By the time they reach the shelves here in the UK, these wonderful quality printed sheets are over £1 each. (As are many others, don't misunderstand this as a complaint against Basic Grey). They have remained single side prints, and the quality has been marvellously consistent. But if you extrapolate my purchasing into worldwide sales, hmm. It's probably not worth paying the designer, the printer, the shipping. And then there's all the other stuff that you're sort of expected to produce, stamps, stencils, dies. New releases (note the plural) at least twice a year, and a market which has reportedly levelled out. Certainly the consumer has had to be more prudent in the last few years.

It must be exhausting, keeping up, trying to predict the market in terms of style, design, colour, then being creative but to appeal to the purchaser. I cant cope with the sensory overload that comes out of CHA, so I don't try. I figure that it'll reach my attention soon enough. And I'm no longer ambitious about knowing the who and the what about every company. My interest in scrapbooking remains strong. But individual companies no longer have my loyalty....I buy paper on a whim, when I see something that pleases me. Across many marques. By the sheet.

Whatever the reason, I want to thank Basic Grey for what they taught me: not to be afraid of highly patterned papers! They were really good at those!  And also to applaud their clean and graceful market exit. One announcement, a cut off date and a thank you. Thank You, Basic Grey. I think you're quitting while you have control, and I admire anyone that sees that in their lives.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 347

I should draw your attention to the how and the why pages at the top of the blog in case you stumble upon this and wonder what's going on. I speak for everyone when I say that we'd love you to join in!
My desk, as I left it last night. I was about to start on some 'painting' with my H20s, but got distracted by a phone call and then I was distracted by crochet, an armchair and TV. It happens far more often than it should.
Desker Helen stamped the crazy birds for me, at a WOYWW crop which was probably much longer ago than I think. I'm just coming round to thinking that I'd quite like this set, now that I've actually used one of the images! You can see the tin is full of H20s, perfect storage for the non anal like me, but I'm sure it would drive a lot of you to distraction to have all the colours mixed up and not even listed! Can't remember why the glitter glue overspill holder is down from its shelf, in fact, until I looked at the photo, I'm not sure I even noticed it. It is sitting atop the new Spring collection catalogue from Gudrun Sjoden a swedish clothing designer. Inspiring designs at prices I can't afford, but the catalogues are marvellous! My trusty and favourite glasses feature too - they are the last-prescription-but-one and are perfect for screen use. They are not however, up to helping me craft any more. I am considering just getting new lenses for them. Now, if I promise to manage my time better and actually visit, will you join me? Photo your desk or work area, show us what you've got going on. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. Lovely.
Oh, and....I'm miffed about Blogger telling me that if you don't have a Google account they will prevent you from adding a comment soon. My response will help, promise.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Get me...

I don't do scrapbooking at home. I think the pain of preparation has put me off somewhat; after all that page to photo matching and practically kitting each page, I jolly well want to go somewhere and show people that I can be organised! I've started to attend two crops a month. I know, and yes, thank you, it is lovely to be able to find the time. Mr Dunnit has always worked on Saturdays and I have always considered it a day off. So I do my own thing. 

Friends, at my 50th birthday party. 

Now, this means that I'm making up 9 or 10 Layouts a month. Prolific right? I love it! But as you can see from last weekends effort, it doesn't mean I'm up to date. At all. I never will be, because I don't scrap chronologically. And I often don't scrap events, rather just random pictures that speak to me whilst I'm choosing.
Laura and I copied a sketch. This is how mine turned out. Hers was TOTALLY different.
This isn't a great photo, and I think Mr D took it of me primarily, but it features more great friends and deserved to go in the album. I don't seem to have many LOs that include friends so i mean to rectify that this year. But they prolly won't be posed pictures. I like candid. If I'm not in them.

Miss Dunnit and The Musician at the beach. Where they live. I'm a bit jealous!
Of course, scrapping the same photo adds to one's prolificness. Prolifcity. What? This photo is already on a LO in my scrapbook. I found it when filing. It must be because I love the picture. Nothing to do with a bad memory that made me order the print a second time. I do love the picture though, so it's OK. And phew, the LOs are reasonably different! I have to prepare some more pages now...I can hardly keep up with myself. Smug aren't I! Have a lovely weekend.