Friday, 24 May 2013


So a scrapbook LO, just to make the title of the post seem accurate!

*Ahem*  excuse the shouty title, I need your attention.(No change there, then.) Me and Lunch Lady Jan are having a meeting about next weekend's WOYWW Crop.  We would really like to hear from some of you ..there are a handful of gals who suggested at the point of announcement that they would plan to come who haven't yet confirmed or me: - your lunch depends on this! Likewise, if you need driving directions, please email me and I'll send them by return.

As predicted, the hall hire and food charges will be covered by our £10 for the day fee.  Any profit after food costs will go to our chosen charity, the Salisbury Women's Refuge.  We will also be holding a raffle to help boost the donation that we make.  
The lady in charge of hall hire has reminded us that the Central Heating will be switched off and there isn't an over-ride function.  Normally, on the first weekend of June, we wouldn't consider this a problem, huh.  So, we recommend layers.  If it turns out to be the hottest weekend, we can move the tables outside.  I don't expect to be breaking a sweat over that activity!
And another one, because I can!
That lovely Shaz has said that she'll bring along her die collection so that we can cut some shapes to take home.  It includes TH, spellbinders, blah blah.  Bring your own card stock and speak nicely to the writer of this blog - she might cut for you to save your cropping time.
Jan, as you probably know, is crafting for the benefit of charity this year.  One of her current projects is to supply zippered clutch style bags to the hospice, into which she's putting basic toiletries and handy bits. Women who enter the refuge often do so without  even a toothbrush.   If you have new toiletries hanging about in the unwanted gift drawer and feel you could donate them, we will happily take them off you. The same applies if you're a knitter and have odds of ball ends collecting in your baskets - patchwork style knit or crochet blankets are a great idea for the Refuge too, so Jan will use them if you probably aren't going to. Thank you!
If you've been collecting the plastic bottle tops for our Sam, don't forget to bring them. And ask her what they're for, it's quite amazing how much good a quantity of plastic can do.
Have a look at the WOYWW Crop page (link in the top left margin) for other info.  And don't panic.  It's a week tomorrow, 1st June.
Have a super weekend.


  1. Wish I could join you. But I won't be here. Have lots of fun

  2. Aaaaarrrgggh, I'd better do some shopping then!

    I'll just go and write a list...............

    Love ya! Xx

  3. rofl. love the layouts - because I can admire them if I don't do them... STILL don't really know what to bring with me (other than loads of jumpers..) see you next week... Excited!!!!!!!!! (no overuse of !!)

  4. OK, OK - rub it in :(

    I just KNOW it'll be a brilliant, fun day..........sigh.

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. I'm coming along!!!!!

    I'm putting Donna up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think I told you (okay I know I did) but just so I don't miss a morsel of yummy lunch, or any of it, Me and Debs (Debs Pen Pot) Will be there!!!!!! Bright and early knowing me and my time keeping! See you there can't wait! Take care Zo xx

  7. Hi teacher
    I consider myself told and yes i will be there. I will be driving this time as i'm NOT going to be sick this time (dont hold your breath) I have told jan i will be bringing a cake just in case we get hungry heh

  8. All I can say is ......

    I wish I lived closer :-(

    I really hope you all have a fab time and please take lots of pictures.
    Annie x

  9. I'm gutted that I can't be there but I will get my thinking cap on for the refuge. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Me and Fergus will be there. I have a bed for the night too!! No-one has taken me up on a lace lesson :-( maybe they will this week??
    Let me know if you want me to fetch anyfink!!

  11. Wish I was there to join in the fun - am expecting lots of posts afterwards - Mxx

  12. So excited! Can't wait, although I guess I'll have to!

  13. Next year, I am determined to come and join you all. Too much work sorting paperwork and my craft room to attempt it this year. Have fun everyone! xx

  14. Hi Julia- there is a post up on my blog with the dies/folders I'll have with me, so you can all go see if there's anything that takes your fancy. I also added that if anyone has seen me use a stamp image they liked, leave me a comment & I'll bring that too, so you can stamp up some images for later use.
    Hugs Shaz xx

  15. Me & Doug are definite. I've put up a blog post so those coming can see what dies/folders are also coming, lol.

  16. I bet that has whipped everyone up into an excited frenzy!! Have a fab time all of you and I do hope the sun shines and you are all down to your smalls by the end of the day!!!! (With all those layers I am thinking something like a dance of the 7 veils!) x Jo

  17. So sad that I can't make it, maybe next year! have a wonderful time and post lots of piccies.
    Happy Birthday tomorrow - WOYWW!!!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  18. Awe a bit of a journey if I were to try making it....will be thinking of all of you and looking for goodies on your work desks when I pop in to visit. ;)

  19. Would be a bit of a journey were I able to join you! I will be think of the fun you are all having and expect goodies on your desks when I pop in to visit!

  20. Sadly, I don't arrive in England till Aug...boohoo

    This is such a great charity to support...good for you and for Jan.

    I will be there is to finish up the words on my ATC' is still Tuesday here.

    PS Love the maps on your lovely layout.

  21. Sounds like so much fun! Wish I could join in, but that would be a really long trip to get there. Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!! Big hugs, Rasz

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