Wednesday, 13 December 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 445

Wow, deskers. I mean, WOW. We are skating toward Christmas now and it feels as if there are no brakes!
I've taken a slightly angled shot of my desk - for the first time in (probably) 444 desk weeks, I cant let you see the right hand end; not because it's too messy, I can't remember ever being that proud. There are a couple of pressies there, waiting to be wrapped. 
Right there on my working space is the result of a test run with the new embossing folder - nice bit of knitting. It's a varied dimension folder, so that you only use the base shim and one acrylic plate in the Big Shot. Works a charm when you read the instructions! The oblongs of scrapbook paper folded in half are origami style gift card holders. I found the how-to on YouTube on Sunday and made 10 in about 15 minutes. Nice and easy, and I'm up early to finish them - they are gifts for the wonderful care staff who look after our sainted Mama, and shift patterns dictate that we give as we see now, and I'm visiting today. See you at your place as soon as I get back? Hope so. Put WOYWW in your post tittle and link it here. Great.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 444

This is an automated, scheduled post. As you read this, I am either lying in a big comfy bed in Welsh Wales or driving home. I've been staying with our LLJ and will have something to say about it. That's why I've scheduled this desk will be unchanged. Although I suppose there is an unlikely possibility that Mr Dunnit might have sat at it to do some crafting. And pigs, complete with tinsel halos, might fly.

It's not overly interesting in it's vague tidiness is it! A heap of started tags, a cup of tea (which has been removed) the keyboard that I use for my iPad when I've a lot to say. Under the Kraft page are two Stampin' Up! embossing folders. I had to have one after seeing it being used at the Marython, and the other is for a customer who came to the Marython and heard me threatening to order. The rest is nothing new. How long it will be before I get back to the tags is anyone's guess!
Join in will you, show us your progress towards the HoHoHo!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Keeping Christmas real :.purchases

Some time in October, we had a weekend away with great friends. We went not very far, to Lymington on the Hampshire coast. It wasn't as late in the year as we traditionally go away, but we were still able to do a bit of Christmas browsing. We found a lovey independent garden centre and spent too much time (according to the men) mooching the decorations and such.

Mr Dunnit was amused to watch me get excited over some bauble shaped drinking glasses. I asked if there was more than the one in stock. Turns out that the one I was clutching so as no to let it get away was all that could be found - they were busy and I (ok, he) didn't want me to press for searching of all their new stock and cupboards. So with characteristic graciousness, I bought just the one.

Now it's December, I can legitimately use it for my beverages. I envisioned some wonderful gin cocktails amongst other drinks, and really as my mouth is still wonky, the straw was just an added candy-cane-striped bonus. Well, I'm perfectly sure that you can already tell that it is the single most impractical decorative anything that I've ever bought! You see it pictured with Fanta in it. It's not quite a full can, because annoyingly, it doesn't hold 300ml. So I had to stand in the kitchen and suck the last inch out the can with the too short straw before going back to my comfy seat in front of the tv. And this was after some effort....brace yourself. Of course, I couldn't get any ice into the bauble glass. Even crushing the ice (which I don't like) would have caused a struggle to get it through the silly neck. And if I had done, it would have reduced the amount of liquid the bauble would hold. Worse yet though - I couldn't get the Fanta to pour from the can directly into the bauble without masses of dribbling. So I had to decant the Fanta into a small jug so that the spout could pour properly into the bauble. Bored? Yep, me too. I may have mistakenly whined at Mr Dunnit about all this effort. He thanked the Creator that I hadn't bought 8 to 'look cute' on our Christmas dining table, and swore that he would not, ever get involved in making me a drink that involved the bauble glass. Of course, I had to whine, so as not to lose face. But I am glad I wasn't able to buy more.  There will be other posts like this. I've decided that you need to know what a struggle my Christmas preparations can be!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

December: Christmas: Reality

The beginning of any other month heralds some book-keeping, diary checking and generally getting an overview of events to come. In many respects, December is therefore no different I've 'closed down' the November books for the business. I've brought the calendar up to date and I acknowledge that there's quite a lot to do in terms of domesticity and turning chez Dunnit into a veritable grotto.
I can't help the onset of a slight nagging worry though. Now it's upon me and I need to write and send the cards you've all been hearing about for months (sorry), I can't shake the feeling that I may not have enough. Oh my gawd. The only way to find out is to write them and get it sorted before its too late. And so I will, but I prefer not to. I don't want to know if I need to make more, because I don't want to make more. I don't want to start writing them because it's quite a long job and I don't want to start writing them just to find out if there are enough. It sort of removes the spirit of the job, don't you think! 
Now, Mr Dunnit has come home from work and had lunch, and announced that he will have the afternoon off. (Well it is Saturday after all). He doesn't want to go shopping, for a walk, or do much that's constructive. And so, I'm going to sit with the basket of cards and do the deed. Don't talk to me about making a list, this is one thing in my life that I don't, for some reason, ever make a list for. Weird. I guess to a certain extent I simply rely on the address book. Standby then, to read a post on Monday about making quick and effective cards!